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My personal journey has taken me many places, extreme highs and breath taking lows, however through it all I persevered. Fitness and fashion are a part of my life, I love to run and have a passion for fashion. I love to share my story, my power and where it comes from. Most of all I love to inspire others and to help them find that hidden gear, their inner peace that takes them to the next level of their life. Join me, let me know what's on your mind, visit my contact page. Thanks...

Lets Talk About How We Can Motivate & Inspire People


Speaking Engagements

Workshops Corporate & Religious

Workshops Corporate & Religious

With my many years of military experience, living across the nation, routinely working with and alongside an eclectic palette of people, I've learned how to communicate well. 

I look forward to your event and would love to brainstorm with you on how I can inspire, motivate and activate all that are in attendance. Visit my contact page or give me a call today! 


Workshops Corporate & Religious

Workshops Corporate & Religious

Workshops Corporate & Religious

It doesn't matter if your backdrop is Corporate or Religious, I can function equally effective in both. I am proud to know God while taking a professional approach to everything I do. 

Workshops are great because they are hands-on, people get to see, touch and feel in a way that is contagious for sharing. Lets design a workshop custom tailored for you today!


Non Profit Organizations

Workshops Corporate & Religious

Non Profit Organizations

Non Profit Organizations are on the top of my list when I think of how I can partner with them to reach a specific goal. 

I welcome your ideas and ways we can develop a partnership for a specific event, function or campaign. 

Visit my contact page and let's raise the bar for hope and inspiration together.


Will You Step Outside The Box With Your Fashion?

Company Overview

Objective 1: To build confidence, self-esteem, and awareness of personal style and image for clients beginning, during or after their fitness journey on to any desired social activity or event occurring the same day. 

Objective 2: To strengthen and develop clients physical abilities, potential and personal growth during their fitness journey as well as increasing social, business and personal interactions and relationships through personal, individual style, and image while attending social activities or events occurring on the same day.

Objective 3:  To inspire and encourage clients to begin or continue their fitness journey as well as embrace and appreciate the transformation of available styling options while attending desired social activities/events occurring on the same day. 

Objective 4: To advocate, educate and promote overall wellness, reduction in stress, and unique fashion aspirations by introducing endless fashion possibilities and styling options to clients attending social activities or events on the same day. 

Objective 5:  To provide a user friendly interactive tool that generates basic/generic styling options based on the type of social activity/event or “Runway” listed.”

What We Do

Race to Runway LLC is a fitness journey and fashion collaboration platform. 

RTR describes the transformation of those starting or continuing a fitness journey or “Race” and attending any desired social activity/ event or “Runway”. 


This forum is 5 objective framework designed to recognize, support, inspire, and motivate individuals during their “Race”. 

While specializing in consulting clients on personalized, individual styling options while attending any desired social activity or “Runway.”


Target Audience

Any individual that is beginning or continuing a fitness journey, male or female, ages 18 and up. Any individual who desire styling options that matches their personal style. 


To encourage clients to sustain their fitness journey by promoting resiliency, support, inspiration and motivation as well as celebrating and recognizing clients fitness success.  

To provide guidance to clients on generic fitness options and styling advice to include available resources that will aid and assist in clients desired fitness journeys and fashion goals.


By applauding and celebrating the transformations of clients that are on a fitness journey which will overall boost confidence and enhance self-esteem. 

By highlighting the transformation of clients as a method to influence and motivate others of reaching desired fitness journeys and fashion aspirations which allow clients to visualize and relate to their own fitness journey and fashion choices. 

By offering positive and effective feedback, advice, and resources to clients as they continue to seek assistance as they navigate through their fitness journey and transition by elevating their style and appearance

By actively engaging in positive discussion and sharing personal experiences with clients that relate to their fitness journey or potential styling challenges which will motivate other clients to be mindful of styling choices. 

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